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Short, sweet, and to the point... Oxford's Very Short Introductions to hundreds of topics

Published by Mark Bodnar

Photo of a few books from the Very Short Introduction seriesHave you ever been at a party (or in a tutorial... same thing...) when someone brought up a peripheral topic -- not core to your usual research area, but apparently relevant to your studies? 

As a seasoned scholar who understands that knowledge doesn't live in isolated silos, you certainly want to learn a bit more about such peripheral topics. 

As always, though, time is tight. As much as you love the depth of the millions of books in our collection, you really just need a reasonably brief overview of the topic...

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On J. Crew and clothing retail: Markets & consumers

Published by Mark Bodnar

In addition to cheese, the other major primary research topic for BUS 345 this term is J.Crew (clothing retail).  

If you're in that class (or if you just have a burning desire to learn about our market research resources and want to use this as an excuse/example to explore them), see below for some...

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