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SA 203: Violence in War and Peace

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  • genocide or holocost or ethnic cleansing
  • state-sponsored and ethn*
  • state violence
  • state violence and (atrocit* or human rights or inequalit*)
  • structural violence and (anthrop* or ethnogra*) and theor*
  • 9/11 and (ethn* or race or racial*)
  • apartheid
  • war and rape
  • war and memory

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Try "subject" searches. Note: if you have a large list of titles, sort by "newest first" by pressing the "limit" icon. Topics may also have "subheadings" for geographic areas (e.g. Genocide - Rwanda) Some typical subject headings that may be helpful for this class include:

  • Apartheid -- 2 Related Subjects
  • Civil Rights -- 21 Related Subjects
  • Collective Memory
  • Comfort Women -- Asia
  • Ethnicity -- Political Aspects
  • Genocide
  • Genocide -- Rwanda
  • Genocide -- Social Aspects
  • Genocide --  Sociological Aspects
  • Human Rights -- 13 Related Subjects
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking -- United States
  • Political Atrocities -- 3 Related Subjects
  • Political violence
  • Rape as a weapon of war
  • State Sponsored Terrorism
  • Violence -- 13 Related Subjects
  • Violence
  • Violence -- Social Aspects
  • Women And The Military
  • Women And War

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To find articles not in the database,  click on the "Where Can I Get This?" link in the citation. This process is described in greater detail in the "How to Find Journal Articles" tutorial.

  • Sociological Abstracts : Sociological aspects of twenty-nine broad topics, including anthropology, business, collective behaviour, community development, disaster studies, education, environmental studies, gender studies, gerontology, law and penology, marriage and family studies, medicine and health, racial interactions, social psychology, social work, sociological theory, stratification, substance abuse, urban studies, and violence.

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