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Thesis Word Template: Advanced (Fine-tuning & Trouble-shooting)

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Prerequisite: This workshop assumes that you have taken the Thesis Word Template: The Basics workshop or equivalent

This workshop covers more advanced features of the Library’s MS Word thesis template. The workshop can help with fixing issues with your thesis or addressing any personal preferences you might have (that are allowable within the template). Topics covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • how to fix margins
  • how to fix page numbering errors
  • how to properly include terms in the List of Acronyms and Glossary sections
  • how to create a landscape page to better fit your figure or table
  • how insert an 11x17 page to fit larger tables or figures
  • how to crop your figures in Word
  • tips on table design and tweaking tables to fit your data without making your text smaller
  • how to see all of your footnotes at once

If you have any issues with the thesis Word template that you want to discuss, please bring them to the workshop.


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