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Scholarly Publishing at SFU supports faculty and student researchers in publishing their research, promoting their work online and through the media, and measuring the impact and visibility of their scholarship.

Visit the Scholarly Publishing and Open Access resources to:

  • Make your work open access to reach a wider audience and give your work its greatest impact within and beyond the academy;
  • Explore publishing choices to assess journals and publishers for suitability and quality, and retain your right to share and distribute your work;
  • Build your online presence through social media, blogs, a professional website, or connecting with the media to share your research with the wider community;
  • Track the reach and impact of your work with impact metrics such as citation counts.

Contact SFU Digital Publishing for questions about starting an open access journal, making an existing journal open access, creating an online student journal or classroom journal, or publishing an open access book.

SFU Open Access Policy
In January 2017, SFU Senate endorsed the Open Access Policy (OAP) acknowledging the commitment of SFU faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows to share the products of their SFU research with the broadest possible audience.
To satisfy the policy requirement in one easy step, SFU researchers can provide an electronic copy of the finalized text of their published articles to the Simon Fraser University Library. The Library will make the articles available to the public, taking into consideration requirements for access delay.