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Open Access advocates tell us: Open in order to...

John Welch

John Welch: Open in order to create student opportunities to learn about publishing and share research results worldwide.

Dr. John Welch, Professor and Director of the Professional M.A. in Heritage Resource Management, Simon Fraser University

SFU Archaeology maintains research and outreach partnerships in many countries and communities where academic publishing paywalls are real impediments to knowledge sharing.

We are building on the success of opening up the entire SFU Archaeology Press catalogue by launching INLET: Contributions to Archaeology, a student-managed, peer-reviewed journal dedicating to sharing great contributions in heritage studies, archaeology, and bioanthropology. 

Jolene Esposito

Open science in order to improve transparency in research

Jolene Esposito, Project Manager at the Center for Open Science

Open science improves the transparency, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. The Center for Open Science is a non-profit organization working to improve research culture through open technology, incentives, training, and community building.