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Love your (research) data! Sign up for workshops to find data, and clean and secure your data


March 20, 2020 update: While the physical SFU Libraries are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 measures, we are happy to continue to support you with any research data management questions remotely. Please feel free to contact us by email at during this time, and we can set up a meeting via video conferencing or telephone.


This February 14th, take some time to love your research data! Join us for workshops to help you find data, and to clean your data and keep it safe. Organized by SFU Library and SFU Big Data.

Clean Data

Clean Data
9:30am -- 11:30am in Burnaby, ASB 10908

Do you work with research data in spreadsheets? If so, this workshop is designed for you! We’ll be covering the best practices for Data Organization in Spreadsheets, according to Data Carpentry. Then we’ll look at formatting values, fixing dates, merging/splitting columns, and more. By the end, you’ll be prepared to take your spreadsheets to the next level.

Secure Data

Secure Data
12:30pm -- 2:00pm in Burnaby, ASB 10908

Protect your research data by following strong security practices. This workshop will cover topics including:

  • cloud storage,
  • full disk encryption,
  • threat modelling,
  • communication and file sharing,
  • account security,
  • two-factor authentication (2FA), and
  • digital preservation.

Learn how to keep data secure with SFU resources.

Find Data

2:30pm -- 4:00pm in Burnaby, ASB 10908
Wondering where to find datasets that will be most suitable for your research project or thesis? The data ecosystem is scattered across multiple providers and subject areas, which makes finding what you need both challenging and time-consuming. This workshop will introduce you to several tools and strategies to find relevant datasets, including open data portals (both governmental and otherwise), Statistics Canada, CHASS, the Abacus Dataverse Network, Nesstar, ICPSR, and Statista.


February 14


9:30am -- 4:00pm (with breaks)


ASB (Applied Sciences Building) 10908, SFU Burnaby