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In partnership with SFU Library, SFU's Big Data Initiative presents an all-day Research Data Management Symposium on Friday June 14th, 2019, hosted at SFU's Big Data Hub.

Join us for workshops on planning to manage and share your research data to make it more discoverable and citable, and on tips for research data security.

Plan Data

Plan Data
9:30am -- 12:30pm in Burnaby, ASB 10908

Draft a plan to manage your research data and ensure its openness over time. The focus of this workshop will be working with DMP Assistant, an online data management plan utility. A sample case will be provided or build a plan using your research.

Secure Data

Secure Data
1:30pm -- 3:00pm in Burnaby, ASB 10908

Protect your research data by following strong security practices. This workshop will cover topics including:

  • cloud storage,
  • full disk encryption,
  • threat modelling,
  • communication and file sharing,
  • account security,
  • two-factor authentication (2FA), and
  • digital preservation.

Learn how to keep data secure with SFU resources.



June 14


9:30am -- 3:00pm (with breaks)


ASB (Applied Sciences Building) 10908, SFU Burnaby