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Teaching With Transmedia Storytelling

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The Educational Media Program (EMP) at the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) has undergone many changes since its conception in 2014. The EMP teaches instructional staff at SFU how to design and implement media as a teaching tool. It began as a series of separate workshops in various media disciplines such as graphics, video, audio and interactivity. This approach functioned well to teach media skills, but we want to encourage more connectivity among the forms of media when designing courses. By experimenting with a narrative throughline, engagement could be improved and, possibly, greater retention as they see the complimentary and fluid nature of connected media. We hope that this approach will encourage participants to apply a transmedia approach in their own pedagogy. The program helped restructure the workshops so that faculty is participating and engaged in a rich hands-on creative lab environment. We will discuss our design process, from conception, initial design, production, hurdles, and reflections and how it could be used in future courses.

Presented by: John Born, Shantala Singh, Duane Woods, Gabe Wong, Jason Toal (SFU Teaching & Learning Centre)


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