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Register now for our 2-part workshop on mapping spatial data in the humanities

Introduction to Spatial Data in Humanities

Many humanities researchers have some form of geographical information included in their research, such as objects, images, or texts from or about a particular place; narratives about a person’s movement or a place’s change over time; or information about networks of people or organizations. Whether places and spaces are at the heart of your research or are a part of it, mapping can help answer research questions and generate new ones by visualizing your data in new ways. It can help tell a story about place or space. This two-part workshop series will help humanities researchers map their place-based research with ArcGIS.

Registering for both workshops is highly recommended, as the first workshop will prepare the spatial data necessary for the ArcGIS software in the second workshop.


October 9 and October 17, 2019




Burnaby, Bennett Library, Lab 2105

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