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Register now for Speculative Interventions: A talk and workshop by Gillian Russell

The Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL) at the SFU Library is hosting design anthropologist Gillian Russell for a talk and workshop.

Employing the imaginary in Value-Sensitive Design (talk)

In this talk, Employing the imaginary in Value-Sensitive Design: designer and researcher Gillian Russell will introduce her recent work which explores the role of contemporary design practice in future imagining, future literacy and future ethics.

Working at the intersection of design, anthropological futures, and narrative environments, her work uses a combination of speculative intervention and value-sensitive design to engage publics to question the authority of a specific reality in order to foreground its assumptions and ideologies -- raising awareness that if reality is made, then it can be unmade and made anew.

Re-Imagining the Now (workshop)

The workshop, Re-Imagining the Now, also led by Gillian Russell, will introduce a series of core techniques and ideas from critical design to think through ways of redefining and alternatively deploying the digital in daily life.
This is a hands-on workshop where participants will use a set of custom-designed playing cards and playing mat to re-evaluate and re-invent the digital technologies around us, drawing particularly on imaginaries offered by indigenous, feminist and intersectional views of the world.

About the presenter

Gillian Russell is a Vancouver-based designer, curator and researcher whose work centres on the interplay between design and its critical contexts. She is a lecturer at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the co-founder of the "Defamiliarization Lab" -- a transdisciplinary platform for developing methodologies and tools to re-imagine design’s role in sensing the world anew.


Gillian Russell


February 27, 2020


9:30am to 1:30pm


SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre, Rm 2945

Registration information

Limited seating. Register for the talk and workshop separately.

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