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Collecting, Organizing, and Describing Archival Research

This workshop is a practical session for image management, designed for researchers who work with rare books and archival materials.
The first part of this two-hour workshop will walk through the stages of collecting and organizing data, drawing on materials held in Special Collections to illustrate the process. Using Tropy, a free, easy-to-use open-source software, we will walk through what kinds of information it is important to record, how to import your photos into Tropy, and how to organize them.
The second part of this workshop will be a discussion about metadata - the language we use to organize our data. While Humanities researchers may be more familiar with library catalogue metadata, where a book, for example, has a title, a subject, a genre, etc, digital tools like Tropy offer other ways to organize the elements of our research. This cafe session will discuss what kinds of metadata humanities researchers often need to use, and how they can draw on metadata standards like Dublin Core to link their digital work to other sites and make it accessible to other researchers and institutions. While we’ll use Tropy as one of our examples, we’ll also discuss ways to create metadata for other research objects like books or recordings.

Note: Please bring your laptop preloaded with Tropy prior to attending the workshop.

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