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Accessing Thomson Reuters Eikon + Datastream in the Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU Vancouver)

The Segal installation of Thomson Reuters Eikon + Datastream, at the Segal Graduate School of Business building at SFU Vancouver, has unique access restrictions and procedures.

Note: For all other SFU Library locations (currently the Belzberg Library in Harbour Centre at SFU Vancouver and the WAC Bennett Library in Burnaby), see Eikon + Datastream access.
The Harbour Centre and Burnaby locations have fewer access restrictions: all current SFU students, staff, and faculty can use the Belzberg and Bennett Library installations of this database.


  • Bloomberg terminal room in the Segal Graduate School of Business: on Bloomberg Terminal #3
  • Access to this room is limited to those SFU researchers approved by the Beedie School of Business, primarily the MSc-Finance students and the BEAM group. Researchers who do not have the door code need to contact Beedie to inquire about access.


  • Log into Bloomberg Terminal #3 using your SFU ID.
  • Click on the desktop link labelled "Eikon Datastream Credentials (BEAM and M.Sc. Finance)" and enter your SFU username & password. Members of the groups with access to the room (BEAM, MSc-Finance and Beedie faculty) will then be able to view a page with the current Eikon+Datastream ID and password for the Segal installation. Contact Mark Bodnar at  if you unable to access the page.
  • Use that ID and password to log into the database by following the steps on our main Eikon + Datastream Access guide (starting at "Step 2: Start Eikon").