News from the Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre

The eagle flies the highest in the sky, and in a coast salish story people would seek guidance from the eagle to gain knowledge of faraway places. This representational eagle wing relief was created to bring the knowledge to students as they seek guidance in their studies. -- Marissa Nahanee

Welcome to the Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre!

Taanshi and welcome! My name is Ashley Edwards, and I’m the Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre librarian. I want to extend a warm welcome to you, and share a little about what can be found within the Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre (ICRC). 

Both historically and currently, education systems often repress, negate, and ignore Indigenous knowledge. Because of this it can be hard to know where to begin making changes in your own teaching. The ICRC gives educators at all stages a place to explore and get started with interrupting these harmful practices by Indigenizing curriculum.  

Start your journey with six core resources

We have curated these online ICRC resources specifically to assist faculty, instructors, and TA/TM/RAs with understanding how and why to decolonize and Indigenize curriculum. 

Learn about why this work is important, what Indigenous pedagogy is, and find resources you can use in your classroom. Exploring further, you will find assignment examples and much more as our site expands. 

The six core pages are supported by an increasing number of pages on topics like:

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