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What are the laws and rules relating to copyright at Simon Fraser University?

The Canadian Copyright Act, SFU copyright policies and various agreements and licenses entered into by the University with copyright owners and representative organizations cover the use of copyright materials at Simon Fraser University. The Copyright Act is the legislation in Canada that sets out what users can and can’t do with copyright protected materials. SFU's copyright policies describe how the university manages copyright and how copyright protected materials can be used for university teaching, learning, research and administration purposes. The University also has special agreements with copyright owners, such as subscriptions to electronic journals, which give you additional rights to certain content. 

In order to determine whether what you want to do is permitted, you need to check that you comply with any agreements or licenses covering the work in question and/or the Copyright Act and SFU policies. You should ask yourself:

  1. Does an agreement or license that the University library has with publishers or a public license such as a Creative Commons license cover the work in question? If so, is what I want to do permitted under those agreements or licenses? 
  2. If not, is what I want to do covered by the Copyright Act, either under the educational exceptions or under the fair dealing exception?  

If you’re not covered by any agreement or license or an exception under the Act, you’ll need to get permission for what you want to do from the copyright owner.