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Copyright Advisory Committee


  • Advise the Dean of Libraries / University Librarian on SFU copyright policies and related education, technology and communication issues.
  • Respond as required to developments in Canadian and international copyright law and practice as they relate to developing copyright education and support functions at SFU.
  • Identify emerging University-wide copyright issues.  Develop recommendations for VP Research with regard to changes pursuant to SFU Policy R30.04 Copyright Administration and Compliance; make recommendations to modify Policy R30.04 as appropriate.


  1. Gwen Bird, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian (chair)
  2. Donald Taylor, SFU Copyright Officer (ex officio)
  3. Li-Jeen Broshko, General Counsel
  4. Michael Everton, Associate Professor of English
  5. Ed Park, Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  6. Patty Gallilee, Associate Dean of Libraries for Collections and Scholarly Communication
  7. Mark Roman,CIO
  8. I-Chant Chiang, Director, Curriculum & Instruction Division, Centre for Educational Excellence
  9. Mikhail Dzuba, Director, Bookstore
  10. Susie Smith, Library (secretary)

Meeting frequency

Meets once per year.

Meeting minutes

16 February 2018: Agenda | Minutes

25 October 2013: Agenda | Minutes