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RefWorks: Getting Started

Access to SFU RefWorks accounts will cease on December 31st, 2017
Please see our 
migration guides for more information. 


1. Install Write-N-Cite on your computer.

Once you have a RefWorks account, you will want to install Write-N-Cite. Write-N-Cite is a plugin for MS Word that syncs with your RefWorks account, and formats your in-text citations and automatically generates a bibliography

  • Login to your RefWorks account 
  • Go to Tools > Write-N-Cite
  • Click the link for the version of Write-N-Cite you wish to install and follow your computer's instructions to complete the installation.

2. Get references into your account.

a) Export citations directly from library databasesInstructions for importing citations

b) Bring references from other citation management software into RefWorks​: Instructions for exporting from EndNote, Zotero and other reference management tools

c) Use RefGrab-It. RefGrab-It is a bookmarklet/plugin that you can add to your web browser so that you import citations you find online to your RefWorks library: Instructions for using RefGrab-It