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How do I configure reference or citation management software to use the library proxy?

Off-campus access to Library resources using a proxy 

To permit off-campus access to licenced resources (including journals), the SFU Library uses proxy software called Ezproxy.

Configuring Papers, Zotero, Mendeley, and other tools for SFU's proxy server

Researchers using reference or citation management tools such as PapersZotero, or Mendeley may be asked to configure their software to allow access from off campus.  

Our library proxy address/prepend is:

Remember to add the "%@" notation at the end of our proxy prepend per documentation on the Papers Support Forum.

Our library OpenURL resolver is:

The library does not make use of an "authentication URL".

Please note that the library proxies those ejournals and other eresources that the library pays for. The library doesn't proxy resources that are freely available.