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SFU Library LibX Browser Plugin

Current issues with installing and using LibX

  • Chrome - the LibX extension was removed from the Chrome store on 10 April 2019
  • Firefox - LibX is no longer available via Firefox

Checkout the SFU Library Off Campus and Wireless Access Bookmarklet as an alternative to the LibX plugin.  This bookmarklet routes your computer’s access through the Library, ensuring that you have access to material to which the Library subscribes.

What is LibX?

LibX is a web browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

With LibX you can easily search the SFU Library Catalogue and Google Scholar from within any web page.

Sample uses of LibX

Easy Catalogue searches

Highlight words on a web page, right click, and search the SFU Library's catalogue

 LibX - highlight words and right click

As an alternative, highlight search words and  drag and drop them into the LibX toolbar.

LibX - drag and drop into toolbar

The LibX embedded "L" Cue

On some sites, the LibX cue will appear.  Click on the "L" cue to see if the SFU Library has the item.

Libx - embedded cue

Easy Google Scholar searches

Highlight words in a PDF document, drag them to the "Scholar" option in the LibX toolbar, and have LibX search Google Scholar for the highlighted words.  This is great for looking up articles referenced in the PDF version of a document.

LibX - search Google Scholar

Access Library-subscribed content from off campus

Access items paid for on your behalf by the SFU Library when you are off campus using LibX's Off Campus Access Tool.

LibX - access items from off campus

Get help with LibX

For assistance with LibX, please email SFU Library Systems at .

Please note:  LibX does not work with Safari or Internet Explorer.  If you use Safari or Internet Explorer, you may be interested in the library's Off Campus Access Bookmarklet.  Use the bookmarklet to access library-subscribed fee-based journal articles directly from a publisher's web site.

Acknowledgement:  LibX is an open source framework from which editions for specific libraries can be built. LibX was created by Annette Bailey and Godmar Back.  LibX software is neither created nor maintained by the SFU Library.  Problem reports involving this tool will be passed on to its creators.