HathiTrust Digital Library FAQs

What is HathiTrust?

HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL) is a digital preservation repository and access platform. 

It is the largest set of digitized books managed by academic & research libraries, and includes digitized content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house member institution initiatives.

Of this considerable collection:

  • anyone:
    • may view (and read online) items in the public domain 
    • may search items held in copyright
  • current SFU students, faculty, and staff may also download public domain works.

How can I access and download HathiTrust content?

There are two ways to access HathiTrust:

  1. By searching and browsing the Library Catalogue. If you come across results available in HathiTrust Digital Library, you will be redirected to the HathiTrust portal, or:
  2. Directly, through browsing to the HathiTrust Digital Library from the SFU Library databases list or the library catalogue.

Who can download public domain works from HathiTrust?

Downloading public domain works in their entirety, is restricted to current SFU students, faculty and staff with a valid SFU computing ID. Does not include non-credit students, Fraser International College (FIC) students, retired faculty and staff, nor SFU alumni.

How do I log in to HathiTrust?

To download public domain works in their entirety, you will need to log in to HathiTrust using your SFU Computing ID. 

To log in:

  1. Click on Log in
  2. Select Simon Fraser University from the drop-down box
  3. Click Continue.

How do I download public domain works from HathiTrust?

Once you have logged in you can download HathiTrust works in the public domain.

After logging in:

  1. Search for the work you want to download
  2. Select the Full View link
  3. Look for the download format and range options on the left panel of your screen.

More help

For more details, see HathiTrust Digital Library's Help -- Using the Digital Library.