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Does the library have videos or DVDs?

Yes, videos or DVDs can be borrowed from all three of SFU's libraries.

The W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has a collection of videos and DVDs in the Media Resource Centre (MRC) and some videos in the general collection. The Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) and Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) also have videos and DVDs in their collections.

Most of the titles in the film collection are licensed for non-theatrical public performance use at Simon Fraser University and may be booked for classroom viewing by SFU faculty and instructors. Videos and DVDs not booked for classroom viewing may be borrowed by students, faculty, and staff.

To locate DVDs and videos, search the library's catalogue. Use the Resource Type filter to see only audiovisual media.

Note that videos in the general stacks collection [as opposed to the Media Resource Centre collection] have various loan periods depending mainly on who borrows them. Generally, loan periods are as follows:

Patron Type Video Only Video Accompanies a Book
Undergraduate 3-day loan Same loan period as book
Faculty/Staff 1-week loan Same loan period as book

Video and DVD players are available in the Bennett Library in the Media Resource Centre. In addition, all public workstations in the Bennett Library are equipped with DVD players. A 16 mm film projector is available for use in the Media Resource Centre.

At the Belzberg Library, there is a videocassette player and a combination DVD/videocassette player near the photocopiers. Headphones may be borrowed from the Loans Desk using your valid student ID card.

The Fraser Library has viewing stations with televisions, DVD and VCR players. The library also has a viewing room where small groups (up to 6) can watch DVDs or videos.