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Can Fraser Valley Real Estate Board member realtors get library cards?

In recognition of their donation to SFU, Fraser Valley Real Estate Board member realtors may receive Library External Borrower cards at a 50% discounted rate, currently $50 for an annual card and $20 for a semester card.

To obtain a card come to any of the three SFU Libraries and bring:

  • Fraser Valley Real Estate Board membership ID card
  • Picture ID (e.g. driver's license, BC ID)
Can I borrow a laptop?

Yes. Laptops are available to borrow at all three SFU Libraries.

Who can borrow laptops?

SFU faculty, staff, and students can borrow laptops.

Where can I get a laptop?

Laptops are available at the Loans counter in each SFU library. Please return them to the same counter, and remember to turn them off first.

How long can I borrow a laptop?

The loan period for laptops is 4 hours. There are no renewals, requests, holds, or bookings.

Late fees of $10.00 per hour (or a portion thereof) will be charged for all laptops not returned on time. Borrowers are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged laptops and will be charged for replacing the laptop ($1,650) as well as a replacement fee ($100).

How do I find out if a laptop is available?

Library laptops are available to use only on SFU campuses up to an hour before the library closes.

You can see if any laptops are available for checkout by phoning:

  • 778.782.4345 - W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby
  • 778.782.5050 - Belzberg Library, SFU Vancouver
  • 778.782.7411 - Fraser Library, SFU Surrey

Can I connect to wifi?

Yes. You can connect to the SFU Wireless Network using your SFU computing ID and password.

Can I print from a Library laptop?

Yes. You can send print jobs to any library or campus printer via the wireless network.

How do I save my files?

Do not save files to the desktop. See How can I save my work when I am using a computer in the Library? for different ways to save your files.

Can I borrow a laptop lock?

Yes. Laptop locks are available at the W.A.C. Bennett Library and have a loan period of 24 hours.


Can someone at the SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library help me find a job?


Students interested in employment opportunities can get in touch with:

SFU Career Services
To book an advising appointment or attend a workshop.

SFU Work Integrated Learning
To apply for co-op, log in to view job postings, or talk to a career advisor.

Community members

Community members can get free job search assistance at an employment services centre:

WorkBC Centre - Surrey Whalley
For job search workshops, employment counselling, skills training and more.

Find other Work BC locations

Does SFU have more than one library?


Three libraries form the SFU Library:

1. The WAC Bennett Library or Bennett, which is located on the Burnaby Mountain Campus and is the main SFU Library.

2. The Belzberg Library or Belzberg, located in downtown Vancouver.

3. The Fraser Library or Fraser, located in Surrey.

The Library catalogue lists books, journals, etc. for all three libraries. You can transfer items between libraries by using the Request button in the Library's Catalogue.

The word "WEB" listed as a library in the Library Catalogue means that the item listed is available on the Web.

The phrase "Curriculum collection" listed as a library in the Library Catalogue means that the item can be found in the Curriculum Collection in the Bennett Library.

Does SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library offer free EAL/ESL classes?

SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library does not offer English as an Additional Language classes, however, other resources are available:

Students can attend a workshop, book a conversation consultation, and get help with academic writing in English at the Student Learning Commons.

Community members can attend a drop-in English conversation circle at Surrey Public Libraries, register for the English Conversation Program with the City of Surrey, or find classes through the New to BC website.

Does the SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library have a shredder I can use?

On Surrey campus, you can drop off documents to be destroyed in the grey confidential shredding box located in Room 351.

Does the SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library have any information on emergency housing?

Community Resources in North Surrey
From the City of Surrey, a list of housing and supports in North Surrey. Find more information in the City of Surrey's Master plan for housing the homeless.

Community Services - Housing
From Surrey Libraries, a list of housing options from emergency shelters to affordable housing. Includes a printable PDF version.

The Lookout Society (Gateway shelter & front room drop in)
The closest shelter to the SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library, at 10667 135 A Street, Surrey, BC, V3T 4E3. Telephone number for general inquiries: 604-589-8678

BC 211 Shelter and Street help line
Provides a shelter list with available beds that is updated twice daily: 11:30am & 7:30pm. Follow the link to download the most up-to-date version of the shelter list.

Homelessness Services Association of BC
Another excellent resource. Links include a shelter directory and Extreme Weather Response community plans.

Getting books and articles delivered from other SFU campus libraries

Book / video

  1. Sign into the Catalogue
  2. Search for and find the Catalogue record for the item you seek
  3. In the "Get It" area of the item's Catalogue record, select "Request item" to request the book or video (or other material).

The item will be sent to the Circulation/Loans desk if you choose to pick up at the Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver), at the Holds Shelf at the Fraser Library (SFU Surrey), or on the Holds shelf in the Reserves area if you choose W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby), usually within 2 days.

You will be notified by email when your item is ready for pick up. For more information, please see How do I know when a book I've requested is ready to pick up?

Article in a journal

Follow these instructions to request a copy of an article in a paper journal only held at a library branch you normally don't use. 

  1. Sign into the Catalogue
  2. Search for and find the Catalogue record for the journal title you seek
  3. Check the journal holdings information in the catalogue, which lists the journal volumes owned by the SFU Library. Be sure that the specific volume and date that you need is available.
  4. In the "Get It" area of the journal's Catalogue record, select "Interlibrary Loans" to order the article you would like to receive.

The article will be sent to you electronically using the Library's secure Post-to-Web service, usually within 2 days.

You can also request Microlog fiche from Bennett Library. From the catalogue, place a request as you would for an article. Title of the publication and fiche number are all that's needed.

How and where can I scan?


You can use Library printers/photocopiers at all SFU Library locations to scan to email.

W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

You can use a printer/copier scanner to scan documents. Or use a standalone scanner:

  • Four scanners are located on the North side of the 3rd floor (main floor) of the Bennett Library. 
  • Scanners are connected to the campus network, so you can upload scanned files to your SFU personal file space or save them to a USB drive. (See instructions on the scanners for details.)
  • Outside the Library, there are also scanners available in the MCF Lab in AQ 3148.

Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver)

Belzberg Library has two print/copy/scan machines located in the library.

Additional scanners are attached to Mac computers in the ACS Computing lab.

Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)

Fraser Library has two print/copy/scan machines in the Media/Reserves room 3620.

How do I scan?

Scan to email using a copier/printer/scanner. 

Or scan to USB (currently not available at Surrey):

  3. Select SCAN SETTINGS to change settings
  4. Select FINISH SCAN when done, or continue scanning by selecting START after each page
  5. Select USB icon to eject device
  6. Logout
How and where do I photocopy at the library?

W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

Photocopiers are located on the 3rd and 6th floors:

  • On the 3rd floor (main floor) there is one photocopier in the Reserves area and two near the printers.
  • On the 6th floor there are 2 photocopiers across from the Print Journals area.

There is an oversize (11 x 17) copier on the 6th floor. Specifically, the oversize copier is copier "6B". Press "User Box", then "Paper" to select paper size.

Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)

There are two print/copy/ scan machines in the Media/Reserves room, 3620

There is no oversize copier in Fraser Library.  Oversized copies can be obtained at Document Solutions (Mezzanine 2590).

Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver)

There are two print/copy/ scan machines on the main floor of Belzberg Library. Both will make 11 X 17 (ledger) sized copies.

Outside the Library, there are additional colour copiers at Harbour Centre Printing in the Harbour Centre mall (555 West Hastings), at Hydery Printing on 522 West Pender, and Fed Ex Kinkos (779 West Pender). 

How do I photocopy?

  1. At printer log in to Papercut using SFU Computing ID and password
  2. Select DEVICE FUNCTIONS; select COPY
  3. Change settings (number of copies, colour, 2-sided)
  4. Select START
  5. Logout

General questions

How do I pay for photocopying?

See How to pay for printing and copying.

Can I use my own paper?

No. If you need to use your own paper for special purposes, you will need to go to a photocopy shop. 

Where can I make copies from microfiche or microfilm?

Copiers are included in most of the microfiche and microfilm readers. You use the same Printing/Photocopy card you use for photocopying and printing.

For more information, please see What are microforms and how do I access them?

Can I print or copy special document sizes and types, e.g. colour copies, double-sided printing, oversize pages?

See Can I print or copy special document sizes and types at the library?

How much does photocopying cost?

For a detailed list of SFU Library's print/copy pricing, see  How much does it cost to print or make copies at the SFU Library?