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  • Yes.

    Where can I connect?

    All three SFU campuses have wireless Internet networks.

    Who can connect?

    SFU Students, faculty and staff

    Students, faculty, and staff who have a valid SFU computing ID may access the wireless network.

    SFU alumni

    SFU alumni have full access to the SFU campus wireless network. Note, however, that accessing SFU Library online books, journals, and other web-based resources via the wireless network is considered as off campus access and alumni are restricted via wireless to a subset of the library's electronic resources. For a list of web-based resources available to alumni via the SFU wireless network, see Electronic resources available to SFU Alumni off-campus or via SFU campus wireless.

    Your name and SFU library barcode are not sufficient for wireless access.

    Non-SFU faculty, staff, and students

    While at SFU, if you make use of the Eduroam wireless service you will be considered as being off campus and will NOT be able to access SFU library electronic resources which require an SFU computing ID and password for access.

    Note that people without valid SFU computing accounts or Eduroam privileges cannot be signed on to the wireless network with an SFU Library Guest ID.

    How can I connect?

    To access the SFU campus wireless network you need a laptop computer or WiFi-enabled mobile device (tablet, smartphone). Some laptops may require a wireless network card (NIC). Visit the various locations at SFU Burnaby, SFU Surrey or SFU Vancouver for in-person assistance with connecting to the wireless Internet.

    More information

  • On Surrey campus, you can drop off documents to be destroyed in the grey confidential shredding box located in Room 351.

  • Housing and homelessness resources
    From the City of Surrey, a list of shelters and other housing/homelessness community partners in Surrey.

    The Lookout Society (Gateway shelter & front room drop in)
    The closest shelter to the SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library, at 10667 135 A Street, Surrey, B.C., V3T 4E3. Telephone number for general inquiries: 604-589-8678

    BC 211 Shelter and Street help line
    Provides a shelter list with available beds that is updated twice daily: 11:30am & 7:30pm (as of June 2016). Follow the link to download the most up-to-date version of the shelter list.

    Greater Vancouver Shelter Strategy Society
    Another excellent resource. Links include a shelter directory and Extreme Weather Response community plans.

  • Book / video

    1. Sign into the Catalogue
    2. Search for and find the Catalogue record for the item you seek
    3. In the "Get It" area of the item's Catalogue record, select "Request item" to request the book or video (or other material).

    The item will be sent to the Circulation/Loans desk if you choose to pick up at the Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver), at the Holds Shelf at the Fraser Library (SFU Surrey), or on the Holds shelf in the Reserves area if you choose W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby), usually within 2 days.

    You will be notified by email when your item is ready for pick up. For more information, please see How do I know when a book I've requested is ready to pick up?

    Article in a journal

    Follow these instructions to request a copy of an article in a paper journal only held at a library branch you normally don't use. 

    1. Sign into the Catalogue
    2. Search for and find the Catalogue record for the journal title you seek
    3. Check the journal holdings information in the catalogue, which lists the journal volumes owned by the SFU Library. Be sure that the specific volume and date that you need is available.
    4. In the "Get It" area of the journal's Catalogue record, select "Interlibrary Loans" to order the article you would like to receive.

    The article will be sent to you electronically using the Library's secure Post-to-Web service, usually within 2 days.

    You can also request Microlog fiche from Bennett Library. From the catalogue, place a request as you would for an article. Title of the publication and fiche number are all that's needed.

  • W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

    • Photocopiers are located on the 3rd and 6th floors.
      • On the 3rd floor (main floor) there is one photocopier in the Reserves area and two near the printers.
      • On the 6th floor there are 2 photocopiers across from the Current Journals area.
    • There is an oversize (11 x 17) copier on the 6th floor. Specifically, the oversize copier is copier "6B". Press "User Box", then "Paper" to select paper size.

    Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)

    • Holds, Reserves & Media Room 3620
    • There is no oversize copier in Fraser Library.  Oversized copies can be obtained at Document Solutions (Mezzanine 2590).

    Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver)

    • There are two photocopiers on the main floor of Belzberg Library, room 1000, Harbour Centre Building.  Both will make 11 X 17 (ledger) sized copies.
    • There are colour copiers at Harbour Centre Printing in the Harbour Centre mall (555 West Hastings), at Hydery Printing on 522 West Pender, and Fed Ex Kinkos (779 West Pender). 

    General Questions

    How do I pay for photocopying?

    See How to pay for printing and copying.

    Can I use my own paper?

    No. If you need to use your own paper for special purposes, go to CopyRite located in the SFSS Copy Centre (MBC 2260) or try one of the many local photocopy shops downtown.

    Where can I make copies from microfiche or microfilm?

    Copiers are included in most of the microfiche and microfilm readers. You use the same Printing/Photocopy card you use for photocopying and printing.

    For more information, please see What are microforms and how do I access them?

    Can I print or copy special document sizes and types e.g. colour copies, double-sided printing, oversize pages?

    See Can I print or copy special document sizes and types at the library?

    How much does photocopying cost?

    For a detailed list of SFU Library's print/copy pricing, see  How much does it cost to print or make copies at the SFU Library?


    You will need a Papercut printing account to pay for your print jobs at all three libraries. Print cards have been discontinued.

    Where are the printers?

    W.A.C. Bennett Library at SFU Burnaby

    Printers are located on the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th floors. The Library Colour printers are located on the 3rd floor of Bennett Library.

    • Printers using the new printing account system Papercut:
      • 3rd floor east
      • 4th, 5th and 6th floors
      • Research Commons
      • to use these send print jobs to new-lab-mono (default printer) or new-lab-colour

    Belzberg Library at SFU Vancouver

    The printer is located in the study carrel nearest the entrance. You may also choose to print to the computing lab in room 1300.

    Fraser Library at SFU Surrey

    • 2 printers are located in the Print/Scan/Copy Room, 3625: one black & white; one colour.
    • Other printers on campus:
      • Black & white printer located in the Firemen's lab (room 2300) - near the Security desk in the mezzanine.
      • Colour printers are in rooms 3365 and 3064.

    General questions

    What is happening to the old Printer Cards?

    They have been replaced by the new Printing accounts. Existing cards can no longer be used.

    How do I pay for printing?

    See How to pay for printing and copying.

    How much does printing cost?

    For a detailed list of SFU Library's print/copy pricing, see How much does it cost to print or make copies at the SFU Library?

    Can I use the same Printing Account at all SFU libraries?

    Yes. You can also use the same Printing account in all SFU libraries and IT Services labs.

    Can I print or copy special document sizes and types e.g. colour copies, double-sided printing, oversize pages?

    See Can I print or copy special document sizes and types at the library?

    Can I use my own paper?

    No. If you need to use your own paper for special purposes, go to CopyRite located in the SFSS Copy Centre (MBC 2260) or try one of the many local photocopy shops downtown.


    How long will my print job stay in the printer?

    After you send something to the printer from a library workstation, your print job stays in the printer queue for one hour.

    If you do not complete or print off your print job within this one hour limit, you will have to re-send your document to the printer.

    I'm having trouble printing the results of my searches.

    Once you've selected the citations or articles you wish to print, use the database's Print command.

    Use your Login ID to retrieve from the printers on the 3rd floor or any printer on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor of Bennett Library. The Library's Colour Printer is located on the 3rd floor of Bennett Library.

    If you are still having problems, please ask for assistance at the 3rd floor Service Desk.

    Sometimes when I try to print something too many pages get charged to my printing card, some pages are printed blank, some are just not printed at all.

    Errors are occurring when trying to print a PDF or PPT (PowerPoint) file from WITHIN the web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox). This is a common problem when you are printing out material such as lecture notes and slides from within Canvas or printing full-text articles within research databases such as PsycInfo or ERIC (EBSCO interfaces). Technicians suggest the following solution:

    • Go "Back" to the original page with the LINK to the file that you want to open and print.
    • Right-click on the link, and then choose "Save Target As..."
    • A new window will open giving the choice of where to save the file. (Technicians recommend choosing the "Desktop" as the article will be easier to find).
    • Once the file is saved on the desktop, double-click on the file, and it SHOULD open in its NATIVE program (PDF will open in Adobe Reader, PPT will open in PowerPoint).
    • Choose the print option within this program, and the print job should come out without errors.

    Sometimes in article indexes and databases, the link still forces you to open the file within a browser. Try choosing to save the article using the Adobe Reader menu buttons, and continue the above process.

    Contact a Technician at the 3rd floor Service Desk if you continue to experience printing problems

    When I try to print PDF document, the printer outputs blank pages.

    When looking at the .pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the print option or the printer icon.

    From within the printing options box, try changing the "Page Scaling" box so that it reads "None".

    Ensure that the "Auto-Rotate and Center" option is NOT checked.

    Try printing again.

  • Printing and Obtaining Bound Copies of your Thesis

    The Theses Office will notify students once a thesis has been received by the Library and reviewed for formatting errors.  If you intend to print hardbound copies of your thesis, please await this notification before printing with the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Copy Centre or other printing business. 

    Students:  Contact your department to see if funds and/or resources are available to you and what is required of you regarding printing and bounding copies of your thesis.

  • Bookings are made by the graduate assistant in a student's home department/school/faculty/program. Contact this member of your department staff. They are responsible for the booking.  Any questions can be directed to

  • Depending on the subject, many of the Research Guides list sources for statistics.  Statistical Sources also lists specific databases for statistical resources.

  • See the pages for Instructors, Staff, Students or Authors and other creators on the Copyright website for FAQs, links and resources.