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Access SFU Library publication

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Hi, I was surfing the net and saw two articles about myself.  I was wondering since I don't go to SFU, is it possible to get copies of the articles?

A. Thanks for your message and question.  Depending on the article information,  SFU Library may have the publication(s) in its collection.  Members of the community are more than welcome to visit any SFU library location to access the collection, including most electronic resources.  More details are available at Services to external borrowers.

Book request

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. May I have a book request, currently on reserve at SFU Burnaby, sent to the Belzberg Library?

A. If it is a reserve book, set aside for a course,  we can't send it to another campus.  They are short loans (mostly 4 hours) and it takes longer than that to go between campuses.  If you mean a regular  book that you have requested, I can send that to a different campus for you.  What is your ID number?

Chuk Goodin
Access Services Supervisor