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Past Course Descriptions Online?

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I am applying for admission to the Ontario Professional Foresters Association.  I have already submitted a transcript, but they also require course descriptions for courses taken.

Are these available online? If not can I borrow old calendars through inter-library loan? I was in the Master of Pest Management program in the department of Biological Sciences in the late 1980s; my courses were taken from 1985-1987.

Thank you for your help.
Which library?  Bennett (SFU Burnaby Mountain)

A: Thanks for your email.

Looking for my PhD Thesis

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I completed my PhD thesis in 2010 and submitted all of the appropriate forms to have it added to the thesis repository. I also had the understanding that it would be submitted to the federal government's thesis repository. Apparently, however, the government has no record of the thesis being submitted and they suggested I contact SFU to inquire. I completed my PhD in Archaeology in 2010 (defense; 2011 graduation). My thesis title is: "Spatial Analysis and Predictive Modelling of Clandestine Graves from Rearguard Repression of the Spanish Civil War".