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Do Fines Affect Graduation?

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I currently owe $5 in fines and my application for graduation is currently under review. Will this affect the approval in any way? I am out of the country right now, if it does affect the approval, what can I  do?
Which library?  Bennett (SFU Burnaby Mountain)

A: $5 will not affect your graduation. If your fines are higher than $5, you can no longer check out books, but with only $5 there are no restrictions on your library privileges.
Chuk Goodin
Library Loans Supervisor

Unable to Renew Borrowed Books

Published by Dipa Barua

I am an SFU staff member and currently have  a number of borrowed books from the Bennett library. I just received notice  (through four emails) that 31 of these books are due on Jan 10, 2014.
Unfortunately, I am currently out of the country and not back on campus until  Monday, Jan. 13th. I don't have my SFU library card with me so I can't try to renew them online. Could you please either (a) renew these books for me or  (b) extend the due to date to Jan. 13th so that I don't get dinged with a big  overdue fine.