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Accessing an article in the Policy & Politics journal

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I am a faculty member trying to access this article in the system. It is supposed to be available to SFU but is behind a paywall. Can you fix this and/or send it to me? 

The role of middle managers in the implementation of national public policy 
Price: $26.14 + tax (Refund Policy)
Authors: Cooper, Simon; Kitchener, Martin
Source: Policy & Politics
Publisher: Policy Press

Bookmarklet is unresponsive

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Bookmarklet is not working. When I try to use the Library Bookmarklet to get access to research journals off campus it doesn't load for a long time and then tells me that my username or password is
incorrect. But both my username and password still get me into my SFU mail and goSFU etc.

Subscription rights for electronic journal

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. The library catalog says that "Foundations and Trends in Finance" electronic journal is available until 2013, volume: 7 issue: 4. I tried to download any issue, before and after this date, but received an error message, "You do not have access to this journal. For subscription options, please send an e-mail to journal.admin@nowpublishers.com". Could you please verify the subscription rights?