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Addition to Journal Listings: Human Research in Rehabilitation

Published by Dipa Barua
Q: We are contacting you in hope that articles from Journal Human Research in Rehabilitation will be included in your library. All needed information about our journal, and articles can be found at our website url: http://www.human.ba

Feel free to contact us by email or by any other means adduced on our website: http://www.human.ba/index.php/contact-us.

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Troubles Accessing MIT Sloan E-Journal

Published by Dipa Barua
I am trying to access an article on MIT Sloan e-Journal. The first article (the discipline of creativity) was fine, the second article (The dandelion principle) asked for subscription, even though I went through SFU proxy.
Could you please look into this? Thank you.

Questions about Factiva

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: Hello treasured SFU librarians.
This new journal database, Factiva, is impossible! I've been dumped onto it when searching a precise article, and it gives me a heap of irrelevant results. And often there is no alternative database available, even when, for example, the "Holdings" page states that the article is available through Lexis/Nexus.
Did the library subscribe to Factiva and cancel other databases? Is it possible to go back to the former system? It is putting a crimp in my research.
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