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Learn about the Library's principles for in-person services during COVID-19

Basic principles for restoring in-person services

As the SFU Library gradually restores some in-person services, we are following these basic principles: 

  • Our top priority is safety: for students, faculty, SFU staff, and Library employees. We follow SFU guidelines, which are informed by provincial guidelines.
  • Services must be aligned with and support the university's overall plan (SFU COVID-19 impact scale) as operations resume on campuses.
  • We give priority to Library services that support teaching and research.
  • When making decisions about services we will take into account:
    • Demonstrated needs of users
    • Our capacity, including staffing, to deliver the service
    • Local operations, while aligning services across all locations where possible
    • The need to coordinate between library divisions, and between the Library and other parts of the University.
  • As physical distancing continues to be important, we will continue to engage students and researchers virtually and provide online services as much as possible.
  • Library decision-makers will remain flexible and respond to issues as they come up.

Suspending onsite services once restarted

As SFU guidelines and the University's overall plan (SFU COVID-19 impact scale) changes, we may need to suspend or adjust services. 

More information and updates

These principles are a living document and may be updated. 

For the latest information about Library services, see Library service updates during COVID-19.

Contact for further information

Karen Munro, Associate Dean of Libraries, Learning and Research Services: