Drop by a new design exhibition from SFU Publishing students

SFU Library is thrilled to host the Somewhere in Dreamland exhibit, created by SFU Publishing students.

Somewhere in Dreamland: A pop-up exhibition by Publishing students 

The PUB 431 students explored the theme of Dream while investigating the formats of publication and the act of publishing itself to examine how form and content can enhance or distort the experience of reading the material at hand. In collaboration with SFU's Special Collections and Rare Books and SFU Library, the students are presenting their versions of what a publication is or could be.

Find a variety of publications in Dreamland! The exhibition includes different types of books and interactive publications you would never dream of.

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Drop by any SFU Library branch to see the exhibition

Main exhibition
Fraser Library, SFU Surrey campus

Mini pop-ups

  • Belzberg Library, SFU Vancouver campus
  • 3rd floor display, Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby campus
April 9 - May 1