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Switch from ebrary to eDuke?

Published by Dipa Barua
Q: Did you recently switch from ebrary to eDuke?  Like, within the last week?  I printed 2/3 articles from I book I needed last week using ebrary.  I had to sign up for an ebrary account and then download the pdf to do this.  When I went to print the third chapter I needed today, when I searched the link though the library it would send me to eDuke to view the article online.

They do not appear to offer anyway to view the whole text as a pdf, and accordingly I cannot print it out to read.  You have to print one page at a time, and when you do the citation info overlays the bottom few lines and it prints several bank pages for every 1 page of text.  It is a very inefficient use of time and paper.

Could you please shed some light on the matter, and if possible, tell me how I can access the other chapter that I need.  It is the intro from Appropriating Blackness by Johnson, if that helps.

A: There was a platform change in December 2013, the Duke University Press title moved to the e-Duke platform.  However, you can still access this title for a short while on the Ebrary platform (until the end of February).

To access via Ebrary, click the on the 'Connect' button on the Ebrary database page and then search 'Appropriating Blackness' in the search bar.  As you mentioned, you need to log in with your Ebrary account to download.
In order to download a chapter, you can choose the PDF from the 'Resources' icon on the left menu when you are reading the chapter.  Unfortunately the watermark is at the bottom of each page.  We have notified the publisher of this and hopefully they will fix this.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Janice Banser, E-resources Access & Systems Librarian
W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University

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