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Group Study Rooms in 2/F

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: Most of the group study rooms in 2/F are always occupied by profit-making tutors, such as Speed Up Education. As we know, study rooms are for SFU students for study groups, or any other purpose, but not making profits using public resources and spaces for SFU students, this problem has already occurred for a period, hoping staff in library can prevent this happening again, or to control this problem as study rooms are not a place for people making money.

A: Thanks for your feedback regarding study room booking.  This is a frustrating problem that we are continually trying to address.

We monitor constantly for scripted block booking of the rooms and when we detect a pattern we report the SFU ID involved to SFU IT Services.  IT Services follows up on the problem.  It is a violation of SFU Policy GP-24 to share an SFU ID/PWD with other parties.
We note the prohibition of scripted booking and ID sharing on the Booking page:

"Scripted or automated bookings are prohibited, and providing your SFU username and password to other parties to book rooms on your behalf is a violation of SFU's policy GP-24 on Fair Use of Information and Communications Technology."
Unfortunately, while IT Services can disrupt the block booking for a time, it will reoccur.
We are concerned about this inappropriate booking and are seeking better solutions.

Elaine Fairey
Associate University Librarian, Learning & Research Services

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