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Request to Renew Books

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Hi, I have a book due today. The book title is "Our Man In Tehran" by Robert Wright. I would like to renew it if possible. Is there a number I can call or a way I can do it online so I don't have to drive all the way up to Burnaby Mountain to do it? I do not have access to my old SIS account so I can't renew it that way. Thanks.

A. Hi

I renewed it for you. Now due on June 26th. In the future, just go to the library home page and click on the link - My library record/renew books - which is in the second column from the left. You will be asked to login and after doing so you should be able to renew your books up to 3 times.

take care
Scott Mackenzie
Head, Access Services

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