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Request for DOI Search Support

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. You should add DOI search support! That way when I want to see a particular article, I don't have to waste time copying a title, then searching through all of the different results with the same or similar titles. If there was a way to take a DOI entered in the search box, find the provider, determine if the university has a subscription, then return the login link to see the article requested, it would save a little time.

A. Thank you for the feedback. A DOI look-up is already built into the main Library Search on the home page. You can simply enter a DOI number and Library Search will attempt to find a match.

See the attached screen shot for an example of where to input your DOI number. If the discovery service we subscribe to, which powers part of Library Search, can find a match, then the article should display under the journal articles results.

If there are no matches under Library Search, you can also try our Citation Finder tool which will do another look up to find a match. Citation Finder can be found by clicking on the blue Find bar (lower right hand corner of the home page), the last link listed: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/my-library/citation-finder

Enter a DOI - and if the journal/publisher is registered with CrossRef, and SFU Library subscribes to it, Citation Finder will try to find a match to our various journal providers. Eg, try the following DOI as an example: 10.1038/4601088a

If Citation Finder still can't find the article, Citation Finder will try to pre-populate most of the required fields needed to fill in an interlibrary loan form if the data can be found.

See for example the following DOI in Citation Finder. 10.1038/nrcardio.2012.135

SFU does not have this journal - but invoking Citation Finder to search other libraries to make an inter library loan request, will auto-populate almost all the necessary fields. In this one, you would still need to enter the article title.

Indeed, I will ask our programmer whether we can add Citation Finder's DOI look up to Library Search if no matches are found so that an ILL form can be pre-populated. In lieu of a generic link to the inter-library loan form.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you for the suggestion.

Sandra Wong, Electronic Resources Librarian and Unit Head, Serials

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