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Questions on Equipment Lending Policies

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: Hi, I am a college student inquiring about the lending system of media
equipment (laptops, projectors, speakers etc.) at SFU Libraries. I am
currently working on a project to implement a similar system at my college's  library and would like to ask about the structure and policies on lending  media equipment works and if there is a general model that my college's library can follow.

I've heard of this media lending service because I was a past user of SFU
Libraries. My school, set us International Baccalaureate  students with an SFU Library Card and the library tour mentioned this service a couple of times.

Which library?  Fraser (SFU Surrey)

A:Hi. At the Burnaby campus Bennett Library our equipment lending policies are fairly straight forward. All current students, faculty and staff are eligible to borrow all equipment. Alumni and external borrowers may only check out  headphones and phone chargers

The loan periods are:
Laptops    4 hours
Projectors  4 hour
Phone chargers  4 hours
Headphones   4 hours
Digital recorders  24 hours
Calculators  4 hours

The Fraser Library at the Surrey campus has a much larger variety of equipment for loan. If you want to know more about that library's loans policies then let me know and I can send you a contact email address

Take care,

Scott MacKenzie
Head, Access Services