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Ordering a book through ILL

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I trying to order an ILL book and am not sure how to proceed. The book is Laudes Regiae: A Study in Liturgical Acclamations and Mediaeval Ruler Worship, by Ernst Kantorowicz. When I look it up in Citation Finder, I am taken to this page. That page indicates that the SFU library has a copy of the book, but it is not "loanable" and that it should be ordered ILL instead. But I do not find a link on that page that will allow me to get to the ILL request page. Can you advise me how I can order this book ILL?

A: The problem you encountered is a known problem which we are working to fix. In the meantime, the work around to this problem is this:

1) Log into the Library Catalogue
2) Go to Citation Finder/ILL form
3) Choose the type of resource you want - Article / Book / Journal
4) Leave Citation Finder blank - don't fill in any fields - and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.
5) You will see a message stating, "Your search did not match any physical resource in the library. Use the link/s below in order to request the resource from other libraries."
6) Click on the InterLibrary Loans link. You will be taken to a new, blank form. Fill this form in with all the information you think is needed to request the item. Click on submit at the bottom of the form and you're done.
Don Taylor
University Copyright Officer, and Head of InterLibrary Loans
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