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Today's issue of the New York Times at Belzberg

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: WHY can't there be today's issue of the new york times present in the belzberg library!?

A: Thanks very much for your question. We'd love to have same-day delivery of the New York Times at Belzberg. Unfortunately, the cost of an institutional subscription for same day delivery of the print version of the New York Times is prohibitive. We therefore receive our copies as part of a package of newspapers and journals at a much lower cost, resulting in a lag of about 5 days. Online articles from the New York Times are available on the same day they are published. Please don't hesitate to ask at the Belzberg reference desk or contact me directly for information about accessing the online articles or any further questions about our subscription.

Best regards,
Karen Marotz
Head, Belzberg Library