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New Catalogue System Search Changes

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. The new system for finding references in the library is much worse than the previous system. There are a number of issues that make it very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to use the new system.

1. The advanced search does not allow for searches prior to 20 years ago, when in fact many of us are searching for earlier references.  AND it is really frustrating that you cannot just put in a specific date - in the past, this has been the only way I've found a particular reference.

2. There are quite a few extra steps to move from the actual journal article listed on the library website to the pdf version. It was a lot simpler in the previous version.

3. I don't go on campus very often, so I usually request books to be picked up at downtown campus.  What used to be a simple way to request this service is again more complicated.  It took me ages to figure out how to do it the first time. The fact that the option to have it transferred between campuses isn't actually an option until you sign in is annoying.

4. When you are on the search catologue page, there is a choice to choose 'everything' - most people would assume this means everything in the catologue, however it doesn't include EBSCO databases, which is a different choice in the list, and where most of the resources I'm looking for would be found. It doesn't make sense that the EBSCO databases are not included in the 'everything' choice.

The old version was not fantastic, but the changes have made it harder to find and access resources!!  I have just listed 4 of the major ones I have come across so far.


A.  Thank you for sending your feedback.  As you noticed we have just implemented a new system and are still working out the bumps. In response to your feedback:

1.  Date limits in advanced search. You are correct about the options, we will investigate to see if we can include more options.  Also, when conducting an Advanced search,  if you leave the date to "Any Year", you can filter the dates on the left side of the results page to anything you choose, for example  From: 1900  To: 1950. 

2. Linking to journal articles.  Very many journal articles do link directly from the search screen.  There are many reasons why some articles do not link directly to the html or pdf version of the article.  This is dependent on the publisher, some of whom only allow linking to the journal level instead of article level.

3. Request books. We will look at making the "Sign-in for more options" message on the item record more visible and will see if the wording can be more clear.

4. Unfortunately the metadata provided by Ebsco is limited and does not allow us to fold in Ebsco results into the search results.  Please note that you can still access Ebsco Databases by clicking on the main menu "Article Databases" link and searching directly in your favourite database as before. 

Thank you again for providing feedback on the new Library catalogue.  We appreciate your patience while we get up to speed and work out any issues.



Janice Banser

Systems Librarian