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New Catalogue system

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I find this new system to be less precise than the system it replaced. I am also constantly asked to sign in, even though I have already done so. Most frustratingly, I encounter a large number of links that go nowhere or ask me yet again to sign in only to return an error message. The new system also seems to offer more information such as tables of contents, but more often than not these promised links lead to an Amazon page without a table of content. Another related problem has been the promise of downloadable ebooks. However, once creating a new account with the host database, I receive the message that the promised ebook is not available.

A. Thank you for the feedback. The new catalogue currently has a 30 minute timeout, which we do not have any control over at the moment.  The vendor is working on changing this and in the new year you can look for a longer period before you are automatically signed out of the catalogue. 

We are most interested in fixing broken links, so please do forward these so we can investigate.  You can email these to libhelp@sfu.ca. Please include a link to the record, you can find the permalink partway down the item record.


The same is true for ebook links that do not work, please share those as well so we can investigate and fix issues.

We have removed links to Amazon, so you should now only see links to Table of Content and abstracts from the third party service we subscribe to.

Janice Banser
Systems Librarian

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