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Loan periods for alumni

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. The policy of switching renewals to just a few weeks for alumni is not fair. What was wrong with how it was before?? Longer time but if requested, would return. Very frustrating.

A. You are correct, the loan period for Alumni has changed to 3 weeks for all books from the general collection. However you are allowed unlimited renewals (as long as no one places a hold on the book), so you can still borrow the book for the entire semester. Also we have changed the fines policy - so with books from the general collection, so long as there is no hold, if you forget to renew the book you will not be fined.

The change to loan periods was done to standardize loan periods by user group rather than by popularity or published date. While it does reduce the loan period for some books for Alumni, the fact that there are unlimited renewals and no overdue fines for books that are not requested by other patrons should, we feel, mitigate any inconvenience caused by the reduction in the loan period.
Scott Mackenzie
Former Head, Access Services (Loans)