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Limiting Catalogue Searches to Books Only

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. The new interface is much harder to use than the old. There should be an easy way to limit searches to books only.  If I want to get articles, I will use Google or Web of Science.

A. Thank you for the feedback.  I would like to point to a few search features that might help. The new catalogue is quite different and the library's ebranch staff have put together a  Library Catalogue Search guide that you might want to check out as well.

You can filter to just books quite easily once you have entered your search terms in the catalogue. The left side of the search results page allows one quite a bit of granularity when narrowing the results. 

I want hard copies of books on time management and personal development.  I enter the search terms in the catalogue basic search and then click Show More under the Resource Type filter on the left side and choose Books, then I click on the Library filter to choose books that are available in the Bennett Library. [see the screenshots]

Alternatively, you can try the Advanced Search as well, which allows you to pre-filter, but I do find the basic search and filters work quite well.

Please feel free to report issues you have to libhelp@sfu.ca, we appreciate the feedback and we are continuing to work on making improvements to the interface and fixing errors that we discover. 


Janice Banser

Systems Librarian