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Library hours during final session

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: Please can the library be opened 24 hours during the finals season? It is the only quiet and safe place to study on campus at 2am. I have tried studying in the rotunda but it is loud with people walking to get to residence from the bus loop and it is unbearably hot. The 24 hour service is provided during Fall and Spring and it feels the Summer students are being shortchanged. If it is not a feasible option maybe you could consider extended hours for the next two weeks. Thanks.

A: Keeping the Library open 24/7, or even extending hours, is expensive so we budget to be able to so during the busier Fall and Spring semesters. However, we agree that it would be optimum if we could do this all three semesters.

Thanks very much for your feedback detailing why this would be helpful for Summer semester students. We will be looking very seriously at what we can do for next Summer.