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Library Catalogue issues

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Just  a comment. I have been teaching at SFU for three years now in the Liberal Arts +55 Program.  I was a full-time college and university professor for 35 years. I must say that the computerized library system we have is just terrible - clumsy, counter-intuitive, with frequent glitches, and in sum is worse than the Vancouver Public Library's system or any of the other system I have used. Fortunately, the people at the desk are always friendly and helpful. I suggest that SFU should simply adopt the system of the VPL and scrap the one here.

A. Thank you for the feedback. 

I understand the new library catalogue operates very differently and is a shift in search techniques for expert searchers. We continue to make improvements and fix errors as we are able, and forward to the vendor issues that are beyond our control.

Please feel free to report specific issues you come across so we can address them if possible.  Detailed feedback from our many users is invaluable. Forward any issues or feedback to libhelp@sfu.ca

You may find this detailed Library catalogue search guide helpful. It is continually updated and monitored for accuracy.

Janice Banser
Systems Librarian

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