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Food rules in the Media Room of the Bennett Library

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Hi, I’m a regular user of the SFU Library. Sometimes I spend time in the media room of the lobby floor. There is a problem. I totally understand the room is not for absolute silence at all, however I think it is not for eating noodles as well. Several days ago I saw an empty noodle bowl with garbage. Today I saw some guy eating noodles at a desk. Maybe people can eat snacks, sandwiches or light lunches, but a heavy lunch with soup is not permissable. I may not know your library rules so please let me know, or those desks need signage for food rules.

A. Thank you for contacting the SFU Library. We do have some "no eating" areas in the library, but the media room is not one of them. As long as people are disposing of their trash properly, eating in the media room is allowed. I just checked the media room and there were no food messes. Please see our Food and Drink policy.

Chuk Goodin
Library Loans Supervisor

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