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Food and drink policy in study areas

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. It is great that the library provides a learning and study environment for everybody.  I have been wondering though why it is permitted to eat food at the study desks (especially in the silent study areas and in the graduate research commons). I am not at all against snacks but I find it extremely irritating when people unpack an entire three-course meal. It produces highly irritating sounds (chewing) in a otherwise silent study environment. Also some food is very pungent in smell which adds to the distraction created.  I think it is fair to ask people to leave the silent study areas for 10 or 20 minutes a day to eat their lunch or dinner. The library should first and foremost be a place that facilitates work and focus and not a diner.

A. We are sorry you are being disturbed by other students. The Library Food and Drink policy does allow eating in most areas.   If you would like to avoid food, we suggest using the Silent study room on the 5th floor, where eating is not allowed.

Natalie Gick
Associate Dean of Libraries, Administrative Services

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