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Update for Flash Player on Computers

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: The SFU library computer doesn't install the new version of Adobe Flash Player. And we cannot install it personally. It makes me feel inconvenient when I try to use some software online. For example, I am taking the course Math 251 and "webassign" needs to show the answer by the mentioned software.

A: Coincidentally we had pushed out the update for Flash Player just earlier this morning on October 28, 2016; all managed Windows workstations will get this update after a reboot or after the maintenance cycle every morning before the lab/library opens. There is a small delay in when Adobe released the plugin and we pushed it out because we wanted to test it thoroughly and then package it so the update process can be non-disruptive to users.

We appreciate your feedback and hope you find this reply reasonable.

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