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Filtering in the Library Catalogue search site

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. How does one search for "Campbell's Law" without getting articles including variants of 'Campbell' next to variants of 'Law'? Quotes don't do it. I get things like "Simonton, T. Campbell. Law of Com..." and even "Detroit -The Peninsular State Book...-Henry 1. Campbell of the law..."

Furthermore, even when explicitly excluding 'Campbell Law Review' as a filter, the first result returned is, 'Campbell Law Review'. Finally, I don't see any link on the search page that directs me to a self-help page that might explain the search parameters I can use to get the results I want.

A. Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean, the exclusion isn't working on a journal title. I will investigate and send a request to the vendor to see if this can be fixed or explained. 

If you are only interested in looking at articles, you can choose the filter for Resource Type >> articles on the left side. This will filter out journal titles, such as the Campbell Law Review.

Also, if you switch to Advanced Search you can specify which field to search, for example >> title. The basic search will search all fields. 

The reason some of the results don't seem to have the term searched is because the source of the record has the term but it doesn't display.  So, for example, when I look at one of the results from a basic search for "Campbell's law" I see an article "Lessons from test-based education reform in the US."  When I look at the record I do not see Campbell's law anywhere.  However if I look at the source, I see that Campbell's law is a subject.  The basic search will search all fields, even those that are not displayed.  

The Library Catalogue search guide is linked on the 'home page' of the catalogue here. You can click 'New Search' anytime you are in the Catalogue and it will bring you to the Catalogue home page. 

Janice Banser
Systems Librarian

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