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Editorial Cartoons

Published by Dipa Barua

I am writing my memoirs. In 1994 I was involved in a political scandal and  had several editorial cartoons published about me. Two of them: Bob Kreiger 's Feb 3rd 1994 Van Province piece and Ingrid Rice' Feb 10th 1994 Van Sun piece, are in your collection. I would like to get copyright permission to  use these two pieces.

My memoir is unlikely to sell more than a couple of hundred copies, so  anything more expensive than exchanging a couple copies of the finished  product for the library's collection would be out of my league.

A:  Your query concerning the use of editorial cartoons by Krieger and Rice editorial has been forwarded to yours truly. I will contact both cartoonists in the new year concerning fees and will be in touch with you at that time. Please feel free to ring me at the number below but please be aware that the Library will be closed later today until 2 January. Best wishes for the season. Regards, Eric Swanick.

Eric L.Swanick
Head,Special Collections/Gifts Librarian
W.A.C.Bennett Library

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