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Downloading a Fulltext Paper

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I am trying to download the fulltext pdf of my own paper, recently published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2013;(32)5:849-61 Detection and analysis of irregular streaks in dermoscopic images of skin

However, I am now asked to log in or sign in to obtain my free copy, even though I have accessed it through the SFU library website. I have never had to do this before ---I often access this journal. Has something changed? What is the institutional log in and password, so I can access the journal article?

A. If the prompt for a login is from an SFU library-looking webpage, you can use your normal SFU computing ID and password, just as if you were off-campus.

I've downloaded a copy of your article and attached it for you.

Are you using a wireless connection? IT Services introduced a set of new IP ranges for wireless service on campus, and instead of having to notify all of our vendors of the new range, we opted to have these ranges authenticated as if they were off campus.

If you are not using wireless - can you send us your IP address so we can investigate to ensure that IEEE has our IP ranges for on campus set up properly?

Thanks very much. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Sandra Wong
Electronic Resources Librarian and Unit Head, Serials

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