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Browzine "Open In" functionality

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I just said how wonderful Browzine is, but I notice  one not-so-wonderful thing about it. I'm using an Android (v. 4.2.2) tablet.  When an article is open in Browzine, the app choices in the drop-down menu for "Open In" aren't very useful. In particular, they do not include Acrobat Reader and other apps that will read PDFs. This seems like kind of a
weakness. (Although it is possible to send the article to Dropbox, and then go there to open it in a PDF reader. But that's a lot of hassle, and waiting for a round trip to the cloud.)


A: Hi,

Thank you for the feedback.  I see you have also sent this feedback to BrowZine.  I noticed the same functionality in my Android tablet and searched their FAQs and see it is also the same for iPad users.
I will follow up with the vendor and submit the same feedback.
Janice Banser
E-Resources Access & Systems Librarian
WAC Bennett Library
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