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Bennett Library 5th floor study space

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Could we please make 5th floor a silent study area as well? There is just too much talking going on the 5th floor. If it is currently not designated as a silent study area. Can we please, at least, have it as a silent area during the exam period? There is not enough silent study area in the Library. The 6th floor is at maximum capacity. I could not find a seat there so I came down to the 5th floor, and it is just too noisy at times (usually at night) that I cannot get any work done. Also, can we please have a staff monitor the noise level periodically? I would really appreciate it.

A. Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you are having difficulty finding a silent place to study. We do have a silent study room on the 5th floor 5102, and also the seats by the windows on the 4th floor are usually very quiet. If others are being loud in quiet areas, please notify the staff at the main floor service desk and they will attend.

Natalie Gick
ADL, Administrative Services

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