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American Antiquity

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Q:  I tried to access an article in the latest issue of American Antiquity by Lepofsky et al. [Lepofsky, D. et al. 2015. "Ancient shellfish mariculture on the Northwest Coast of North America."  American Antiquity  80:236-59.], but when I went to the e-version of American Antiquity that the library provides access to, everything in the issue seemed  to be available EXCEPT pp. 236-59 which simply seemed to be missing.  Can you help clarify what is up and how I can get access to this article online?

A:  According to the Dr. Dana Lepofskyp's SFU Homepage, this article is still in press.

Dr. Dana Lepofsky's Recent Publications   This article is not finalized yet.

Elaine Shu,

Serials Specialist, Simon Fraser University Library

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